Pigeon - The sign of peace

Hi..... This post is to try to spread the peace symbol and the peace across the internet world.
I know this is the smallest contribution but not that small to ignore. The world really needs peace and a safe place irrespective of where you live. It doesn't really matter that where you live, what matters is that where ever  you live you should happily and safely without anyone bullying you and making you to act according to their terms.
While at your own homeland why you should be terrorized and forced to live in fear. I am really amazed as to why these few mindless people try to disrupt our lives and make the hell available to us.

Lets pray that we all live happily in this world and make it a heaven in real sense of the term. As said by the law of attraction, what ever we say, think and wish does happen, then lets think, wish and pray that the world is in the process of becoming the best place to live for the people out there.......
The image is edited but just to give the effect : White=Peace, Black = you know.......
Bye....... "Happy Photography"